6 Week Kid's Martial Arts Trial

Our awesome Kid's Karate Program (ages 6 to 12) teaches children focus, fitness, self-awareness, self-discipline, safety and self-defense. Kid's are taught the same great curriculum as our Adult's Class, which incorporates Kempo Karate, Shoalin Kung Fu and Modern Self Defense, in a super fun and engaging environment specially designed for children to learn REAL Martial Arts.


Our program teaches FIVE WAYS OF SELF DEFENSE which are:

1. Striking: defending with the hand, arm, elbow and upper body

2. Kicking: defending with the foot, leg, knee

3. Grappling: holds, joint-locks, breaks and groundfighting

4. Felling: thowing, tossing, knocking over, takedowns

5. Psychological: tricking, lulling and outsmarting an opponent

This six week trial will allow your child to attend all our available Kid's Karate Classes for six weeks and includes a FREE karate uniform and studio patch! Subscribe below and get a 25% discount coupon code good for all of our trial classes!


Kid's Martial Arts Schedule

Monday: 5pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 5pm - 6pm

Saturday: 10am -11am


Young Warriors Schedule (ages 3-5)

Saturday: 12pm-12:45


For new students only. Limit one per student.


    Subscribe Now For 25% Off On All Of Our Trial Classes!

    Tel: 480-659-9506     Email: sensei@martialartsaz.com

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