6 Week Adult's Martial Arts Trial

Our Adult's Martial Arts Program (ages 13 and up) is just what you're looking for - fitness, focus, self-defense and fun!  VMMA's curriculum combines the effectiveness of reality based hand-to-hand combat training with the respect, honor and meditative quality of traditional martial arts such as Kempo Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu. 


Our program teaches FIVE WAYS OF SELF DEFENSE which are:

1. Striking: defending with the hand, arm, elbow and upper body

2. Kicking: defending with the foot, leg, knee

3. Grappling: holds, joint-locks, breaks and groundfighting

4. Felling: thowing, tossing, knocking over, takedowns

5. Psychological: tricking, lulling and outsmarting an opponent 


This six week trial will allow you to attend all our available Adult's Martial Arts and Self Defense classes and includes a FREE karate uniform and studio patch. Subscribe below and get a 25% discount coupon code good for all of our trial classes!


Adult's Martial Arts Schedule

Monday: 7pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 8pm

Saturday: 11am -12pm


For new students only. Limit one per student.


    Subscribe Now For 25% Off On All Of Our Trial Classes!

    Tel: 480-659-9506     Email: sensei@martialartsaz.com

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