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4 Class Beginner Level Shaolin Kung Fu Trial Package

Our Beginner Level Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Classes offer the same curriculum endorsed by the Shaolin Temple in China.  Head Instructor Daniel Goldfarb trains in the ancient art of Kung Fu with Shaolin Master Shi Yan Qing of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center. Traditional Shaolin Kung offers its students greater strength, focus and flexibility..


Our beginner level program includes:

Basics: Traditional Kung Fu strikes, kicks and floors exercises  


Forms: Longer sets of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu movements which mimic fighting multiple opponents


Weapons Training: Traditional Shaolin weapons such as staff, sword and spear


Chin Na: Shaolin Kung Fu self-defense techniques 


This 4 class trial will allow you to attend all our available Beginner Level Shaolin Kung Fu classes for up to 4 classes and includes a FREE Shaolin t-shirt. Subscribe below and get a 25% discount coupon code good for all of our trial classes!


Beginner Level Shaolin Kung Fu Schedule:

Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm


For new students only. Limit one per student.

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