3 Class Tai Chi and Meditation Trial

Our amazing Tai Chi Program is more that just another class. It is a complete, holistic, self-wellness practice based on the wisdom of Ancient China. The practices incorporate gentle, fluid movements combined with calming focus and meditative breathing. 


Our program includes:

Tao Yin: gentle seated Chiense Yoga stretching

Qi Gong: standing fluid movement meditation 

Tai Chi: slow and fluid meditative martial arts movements

Zen-Meditation: calming relaxation meditation

Healing: simple, traditional self healing and wellness methods

This three class trial will allow you to attend all our available Tai Chi and Zen-Meditation classes up to three classes and includes a FREE studio t-shirt.  Subscribe below and get a  25% discount coupon code good for all of our trial classes!


Tai Chi and Meditation Schedule

Monday: 6pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 6pm - 7pm



For new students only. Limit one per student.


    Subscribe Now For 25% Off On All Of Our Trial Classes!

    Tel: 480-659-9506     Email: sensei@martialartsaz.com

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