What style of Martial Arts do you teach?

The base curriculum of Sensei Daniel is a combination of Kempo Karate and Traiditional Shaolin Kung Fu. He has modified the art to incorporate more realistic training methods while maintaining the traditional qualities of the martial arts. Students learn stand-up punching and kicking, close range hand-to-hand combat, throws, locks and grappling and ground fighting.

Are classes family friendly?

Absolutley! Sensei love teaching kids, adults and whole families! Parents are always welcome to hang out and watch your kids have a great time in class!

Does Karate make kids more violent?

Absolutely not! Sensei Daniel teach kids self-discipline, control and confidence. His students are taught that martial arts is for self-defense ONLY and to never start fights. The confidence his students gain lets them know they never have to prove themselves to anyone else.

Does Karate training help stop bullying?

Yes, yes, YES! ...And not just for kids! Karate training gives you a level of confidence and self-worth thats sorely lacking in our society. Sensei Daniel teaches his students that NO ONE determines your worth exept you! Bullies are often looking for an easy target who are easily affected by their taunting. Martial Arts training takes away all of the power the bully has.

Is Martial Arts training just for kids?

Not at all! The system of Shaolin Kempo teaches adults real-world, reality based self-defense and fighting skills. Sensei Daniel helps you get in shape with awesome workouts, learn real fighting skills and gain better focus, relieve stress and have more confidence!

How do I get started?

Sensei Daniel teacher private and small group classes thoughout the Phoenix Area. Please contact him at sensei@martialartsaz.com to find out more information.

Do you teach MMA or Jiujitsu?

It is often said that Kempo is the original mixed martial arts. It combines elements of karate, boxing, jiujitsu and kung fu. Sensei Daniel teaches stand up punching and kicking as well as ground fighting and grappling. His students practice grappling nearly identical to jiujitsu with one small difference - it's designed for street self-defense, not ring fighting! He also teaches elements of Sanda (San Shou) which is Chinese style MMA.

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