Valley Martial Arts Academy (VMAA) offers professional Martial Arts training for Men, Women, and Children in both group and private lessons. Kempo Karate is at the base of the VMAA curriculum and elements of Judo, Jujutsu, Kung Fu, and Aikido are also incorporated with modern self-defense methods. Students at VMAA are taught tactical and practical application of martial arts principles which are designed for realistic self-defense situations. The curriculum also includes traditional weapons training, meditation, breathing, and mind-body energy exercises. Children's martial arts classes focus on discipline, fitness, self-defense, personal safety and fun! We can be reached by phone at (480)659-9506 or email at


VMAA teaches Self-Defense and Warrior Arts. These are not different concepts but are two equal portions of the whole Martial Arts experience. Neither one is better or more important the other. Each is an important aspect of the Warrior Lifestyle. Martial Arts training is not only for use in combat. The skills gained through Martial Arts training improve every aspect of one’s life. Martial Arts training can positively affect business practices, personal relationships, study skills, academic performance, public speaking, diet and health choices and personal spiritual connectedness. The Warrior Lifestyle affords both adults and children a variety of benefits including greater fitness and coordination, better confidence, stronger mental focus and more a vibrant and positive outlook on life.


Self-defense skills are those abilities one uses to protect oneself in dangerous situations. Self-Defense skills may include things such as hand-to-hand combat tactics, having situational awareness and being able to recognize dangers and the ability to make decisions in unpleasant situations. The VMAA curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of confrontational situations including handling single and multiple opponents, attacks by armed and unarmed opponents and defenses against strikes, kicks, holds, cokes and grappling. Students are taught effective and easy to learn self-defense techniques immediately in the program. As one continues in the training, more advanced techniques are taught so that students are able to defend themselves with greater speed, accuracy and timing.

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The Japanese term for warrior is Bushi and can be interpreted to mean a sophisticated of scholarly warrior. The Warrior Path is much more than learning how to fight. True Warrior Arts consists of mental and personal development as well. At VMAA, we strive to instill in our student the Seven Virtues of the Warrior: Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Sincerity, Honor and Loyalty. It is these Seven Virtues that are true mark of one living the Warrior Lifestyle. When one maintaining the Seven Virtues of the Warrior, one lives a life of integrity, honesty and reverence. The Warrior Arts portion of the VMAA curriculum also includes training in traditional weapons, such as the elegant Japanese Sword, meditative breathing exercises and mind-body cultivation through mental and energetic focus.

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